I hope to make the exercises an ongoing part of my daily routine

“I have nothing but praise for the staff at the Advanced Wellness Centre. Each person working with me appeared very interested in my care and my progress. Upon arriving there initially I had no idea of what bad shape I was in until receiving the services of Dr. Roodman (Chiropractor) until somewhat skeptically following his recommendation of services to aid in my recovery from a car accident in which my vehicle was rear ended. His chiropractic services, as well as the massage therapy/ strengthening and stretching exercises provided by various staff have made a major difference. So much so that I hope to make the exercises an ongoing part of my daily routine. I truly have appreciated their great team approach in getting me back in stride again!


The doctors at NCRC are really about helping in your WELL-BEING

“The doctors and staff at Advanced Wellness are really about helping in your WELL-BEING. I don’t want to get too technical, but am a big fan of Dr. Roodman and his staff. With alignment often comes relief, but on top of that you get genuine care, it often has a sense of family attached to it there at the AWC. Just the other day I saw a gal in there that used to be a receptionist, and it was like seeing an old friend. Check it out, and COME BE WELL!”